To everyone following my blog, I’ve got good news for you — I’m finally committing to post every day. Not only that, I’m also starting a new blog format, one that I believe promises more engaging reads in the future.

How will this work? Instead of just posting anything that comes to mind, I’m planning to stick to a writing schedule where days reflect different columns. Thursdays I’ll deal with an article on a particular topic, and Wednesdays I’ll be tackling a different thing — that goes for all days of the week. (Except Sundays, of course.)

It’s better if I show you concrete examples — I’ve already worked out a daily schedule:

  • Meantime Curiosities (Mon) will be about, well, any topic of my choosing. (I still have to reserve a day for easy writing, right?)
  • Life & Psychobabble (Tues)  will be a column dealing with the psychology of daily (and not-so-daily) living.
  • Food/Psych (Wed) is a column dealing with the psychology behind food, its preparation, and anything related to it.
  • Digital Pensieve (Thurs) is a column tackling issues about cyberpsychology and intersections between psychology and technology
  • The Sociograph (Fri) is reserved for articles and ideas related to consumer insights, behavioral economics, and data mining.
  • The Weekend Reader (Sat) is reserved for interesting links that I’ve bookmarked during the week.

I admit, I’m a bit apprehensive about doing this, what with grad school responsibilities and all. But let’s see what happens during the week, shall we?