Is it conceivable that one could determine another person’s personality just by sifting through his apps? Frankly, I’m still unsure, but at least you’ll get to know the top ten productivity and information apps that I use on a daily basis.

Here are the apps I most frequently use. To what particular profile this suggests is simply open to interpretation.

  1. Instapaper (Free / $4.99) – This is heaven-sent because I’ve always found myself bookmarking more articles than I can read; Instapaper helps me ‘store’ the articles for later reading. Simple but very useful.
  2. Epic Win ($2.99) – This is my main to-do list app because it’s simple, it’s adaptable, and it has experience points. Yes folks, it’s an rpg game inside a productivity app.
  3. Awesome Note ($4.99) – An all-in-one note-taking app, it’s no surprise that this has been topping the charts at the App Store.
  4. AppShopper (Free / $0.99) – An ad-supported application for finding apps, this has been an indispensable tool for keeping you updated on price drops.
  5. TweetDeck (Free) – Still the best twitter app if you’re following *a lot* of people.
  6. Pulse News Mini (Free) – A news aggregator that is as useful as it is visually appealing.
  7. News 360 (Free) – Another news aggregator that has tons of sharing options available.
  8. Stanza (Free) – A versatile ereader that can also be used to direct download free ebooks online.
  9. Clock (Installed) – Quite bare, but it’s perfect for modified Pomodoro.
  10. NetNewsWire (Free / $4.99) – An RSS feed reader that synchronizes with Google Reader, I use this as my idea aggregator on-the-go.