Hi folks! Here are interesting reads I’ve found during the past week, enough to tide you over until Monday’s post. Happy weekend!


The Creativity Crisis // Creativity is a learned skill, and it is in really imbibing that notion that could change the landscape of education.

The Man Who Keeps Falling in Love with His Wife // Clive Wearing cannot recall any memory from his past life — a virus shot holes in his brain. But one memory did survive: that he loved his wife.

The Really Smart Phone // Big Brother is already here with us in the guise of our own mobile phones. Scary, creepy, a threat to privacy — though it still pushes the boundaries about what more we could understand (and predict) about human behavior.

Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? // Sitting seems mundane; a benign thing to do. But according to Dr. James Levine, to sit is to slowly murder one’s self — it turns out that a sedentary lifestyle is more destructive than what we previously thought.

The Words That Could Unlock Your Child // Praising effort, and not intelligence, is still best way to go.

10 Best Tricks to Fooling Myself to Work // We really have to accept that timesinks are here to stay, so here are a bunch of hacks that may prod us to finally start work.