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I’m proud to say that Ideanatomy now has its own little place in the web. Scoot on over to and see what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. See you there!


Sorry folks, I’m not really feeling well so I have to pass on today’s post. Don’t worry though, I’ll have two bright and shining articles for you tomorrow. For now, in the spirit of all the royal hulabaloo that had recently invaded cyberspace, here is Mashable’s list of hilarious tumblelogs related to the royal wedding coverage. (And yes, there are lolcats involved.)

Until tomorrow.

The world of Spellwright is one of literal magics where spells are actually, well, spelled out to work. Here’s my take on one of the most ingenious sword-and-sorcery novels to come out in recent years.

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I’ve only heard of Bobby Fischer the Grandmaster, but this side of him was something that I was not really aware of. It seems that a historical analysis of his life points to the symptoms of mental illness, a direction that was pursued in this article. Let it be known that this is not really conclusive – a psychological autopsy of this caliber can only go so far. Still, it provides an education for those interested in the psychological assessment of historical figures.

// A Psychological Autopsy of Bobby Fischer via Miller-McCune