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BPS Research Digest has recently put up a list of books and journal articles ‘that every psychologist should read’. Notable inclusions are classics such as William James’ Principles of Psychology, essential textbooks such as Julie Pallant’s SPSS Survival Manual, mind-numbing works such as B.F. Skinner’s The Operational Analysis of Psychological Terms (Yes, I’ve read it), and contemporary finds such as Steven Pinker’s How the Mind Works. Lewis Caroll’s Through the Looking Glass is also on the list, as well as Plato’s Republic.

Time to start with my summer reading then.

// The Books and Journal Articles All Psychologists Should Read via BPS Research Digest


We all know that the polygraph, the infamous ‘lie-detection’ device, is not really capable of pinpointing a lie. It’s a tool that measures arousal, yes, but scrutinizing the lines and squiggles doesn’t necessarily lead to a point-blank assertion of falsity (or truth, for that matter). Simply said, It’s not really that useful, at least in terms of ascertaining truth. So what use is the polygraph? Here’s a whole journal article devoted to the answer:

// The Polygraph and Forensic Psychiatry

In Rejection Therapy, the concept is simple: exposing yourself to daily doses of rejection might help immunize you from the fear of being rejected. A game that’s designed to ease away a chunk of most people’s worries? Might be worth trying.

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Lawyer Boy Rick Lax performs a card trick via YouTube. As always, I got curious about it and tried to figure out how how the trick worked. Another mentalist trick revealed after the jump.

*Please watch the video first before reading the rest of the entry.*

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Going Mental is a hip new video series from that showcases Filipino mentalists doing their stuff. This pilot episode features Justin Pinon, aka the Mental Assassin, performing a mind trick on two doctors. How the heck did he do it? Here’s the trick, revealed.

*Be sure to watch the video first before reading the rest of the entry–it still pays to be entertained.*

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